The Benefits of a Board Portal

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A board portal is a safe cloud-based tool for sharing and managing documents relevant to committee and board work. The tools facilitate online collaboration and communication between members, and can be used to support a variety of additional functions, such as:

A variety of factors drive the adoption of software for board portals with security concerns in mind. These include email attachments that can create real dangers and a need for greater engagement from directors, increased work load for governance experts, and a desire to improve internal processes and minimize the risk. The most common starting point is an opinion from peers or industry insiders, a request by the company secretary or chairperson of the board an inquiry from an existing board member who utilizes a board management software in a different capacity.

Board of directors who have adopted a board portal report significant improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of their meetings. As the number of users continues to grow, more companies are seeking to increase their use of the software. It is crucial to select a board of directors portal provider that offers a robust service and an easy onboarding process. Begin the selection process by educating key stakeholders about the benefits of board management software. Select and recruit portal ambassadors, usually members of the board, in order to help launch and ensure the success the implementation. This is especially crucial for companies that have older systems that they intend to continue to use in conjunction with the portal.

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