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Nonprofit organizations, which are designed to serve the public rather than making a profit, do significant work across the globe. According to the Center for Nonprofits, over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations exist in the United States and are responsible for approximately 10% of the nation’s employment. It is therefore crucial that nonprofits have a central system to streamline and track their projects and progress. Management software for nonprofits is the best solution.

Apart from being able to manage projects, most tools also come with team communication and collaboration features. This helps you reduce the time spent on email and to facilitate quick virtual meetings. Some tools allow you to create custom sprints and project statuses for specific teams and projects. You can also restrict access to projects and data by defining them as private or as comment-only.

The Dependencies feature is another useful tool. It lets you identify tasks that should only be completed once another task has been finished. This will assist you and your team to remain on top of the list and make sure there isn’t any missed deadlines.

Boardable is a simple management tool that aids nonprofits with a variety organizational tasks. It can help you make a list of people in your organization and organize all documents in one place, automate meeting scheduling, and create agendas. It is particularly useful for nonprofits who produce lots of content for fundraisers and events, as well as other marketing initiatives.

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