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Companies produce around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day. That’s why it’s imperative to manage these precious bytes with precision and accuracy to ensure that it is utilized to increase productivity and enhance customer experience. To do this, they need the appropriate tools.

But with a multitude of data management tools available on the market, which one should they pick? To make the right choice it is essential to be clear about your business goals and the type of information you need to manage. Consider whether data should be stored on-premises or in the cloud. You should also look for solutions that can support the various functions for go to this site managing data, from metadata to data integration and analytics.

Our top pick is Microsoft SQL Server. It’s a central solution for managing important master data. It also supports automated workflows to ensure that data is consistent across your entire organization. It also provides high availability and disaster recovery options for data security and protection. Its seamless integration into other Microsoft technologies enables users to easily access the information they need.

Another option is Enteros proprietary database performance management SaaS platform, which pinpoints the root causes of complex problems with performance and scalability of databases that affect businesses. It analyzes databases to suggest the most efficient solutions. It also provides top-of-the-line usage governance, which allows companies use data responsibly and in a transparent manner.

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