How to Organize Data Protection

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It’s essential to know the distinction between security, data protection and privacy when it comes to protecting sensitive information. Although they may sound like they are similar, each serves distinct functions in your overall data protection strategy. Best practices for data protection help secure your company’s data against corruption, compromise, and loss by establishing protocols and safeguards to limit access, monitor activity, as well as detect and respond to threats. Data security concerns the integrity of data as well as safeguarding vital information against illegitimate changes, while privacy defines what information can be viewed by third parties and who can access it.

To properly organize your data protection, begin by conducting a thorough review of your infrastructure to identify the nature and origin of data you collect. This allows you to identify your systems and decide the policies you should implement along with a risk assessment, which will assist you in deciding how to prioritize your efforts based on the highest dangers to your data.

Once you’ve mapped your data, it’s time to create a data classification system. This is the basis for setting up use and modification access controls and helps you comply with compliance requirements. When you’re using role-based or access-oriented classification schema it should be consistent and easy to follow, reducing the likelihood of human error, which can cause data to be unprotected.

It is also necessary to establish a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan to protect your data in the event of a cyber-attack. Encrypting data while at the point of transit and at rest is one method to ensure that malicious actors cannot access your information. Also, it is essential to update your disaster recovery and backup plan to ensure that your business will continue to function in the case of a cyberattack or data loss.

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