How to Access the Dark Web

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If you want to see what lurks in the shadows on the internet, it’s easy to get access to the dark web. But there are a few risks. Think of it like stepping into a city that has hidden back alleys: It’s simple enough to explore, but going down the wrong road could put you in trouble.

In short, the dark web is an online sewer for criminal activities such as drug transactions, black-hat hacking and terrorism. It’s also a meeting place for those who are a bit shady including hitmen, human traffickers and corrupt officials. The dark web isn’t just bad. It also functions as a link between political snobs and people from the free world. It lets whistleblowers anonymously share their tips.

To browse the dark web for access, you’ll require a particular browser known as Tor. It functions a bit like a VPN, encrypting your requests and removing geo-location data that your ISP or the government could use to track you. Tor also improves your security by routing your request through a network of volunteers servers around the world.

After installing and configuring Tor, you can begin exploring the dark web. Content isn’t as well-indexed as it is on the surface web, but there are still many sites worth checking out. For example, you’ll find online shops that let you buy illegal drugs and firearms and also sites which offer guides to hide your digital footprint or initiating ransomware attacks.

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