How to Access the Dark Web Safely and Securely

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It’s not quite as clandestine or as shady as it’s depicted, but using the dark web is risky and requires a number of security precautions. Like the ocean, it’s a zone that rewards exploration, but requires attention and caution. With the proper digital lifejacket you can venture into the deep ocean layers in complete safety and security.

First, you’ll require a specific browser that will enable you to navigate this elusive area of the internet. While there are a few alternatives, Tor is probably the most well-known and popular. It’s similar to a regular web browser, however, it uses layers of security to avoid your browsing activity being tracked back to the user. You’ll require an internet search engine that can locate sites on the dark internet. DuckDuckGo is one popular option because it doesn’t track your browsing habits and is specialized in locating websites on the dark web.

The next step is to utilize an VPN service that can encrypt your connection. This will hide your IP and remove any metadata that could be connected to you. This will protect you from snoopers when you’re surfing the dark web. It is recommended to make use of an VPN when using Tor to ensure the highest level of security.

As you’d expect there’s a variety of content available on the dark web and it’s certainly not all legal. You’ll discover everything from stolen data to hacker services, illicit images, data and products. Even if you don’t have any intention of buying anything it is possible to end up in serious legal trouble if you take the wrong path.

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