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AVG is a top option for security against cyberattacks. It comes with a solid feature set, has high scores for malware protection and is priced competitively. However, it did have some negative points during our tests, including being heavy on system resources, and there were a number of false positives.

The interface of AVG is simple and easy to use. Its dashboard tells you whether your system is protected and lets you run a manual scanner from its menu. Its settings allow you the ability to customize scans and notifications including white- or black-list applications, and control what data AVG shares with its parent company. AVG comes with several extra tools, such as shredders for documents and a mode of non-disruption that stops you from being disturbed while playing games or watching movies.

Its security features include firewalls, an antivirus scanner as well as a password manager and a social network security that flags suspicious websites or messages. Its anti-phishing protection is excellent and its Enhanced Firewall offers additional features such as data leakage protection and ARM Spoofing Alerts. The firewall is extremely robust when used on public networks since it uses machine learning to discern what’s normal and what’s www.doniphanwest.org/how-to-keep-kids-safe-on-youtube/ not, and can then automatically adjust.

AVG provides a range of support options, including forums, an online community and a comprehensive Knowledge Base. You can also reach out to its customer support via email or a chat option on its website. Its free version isn’t bloated with annoying upgrade prompts, however you’ll have to put up with ad popups when using the application.

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