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Antivirus protection is software that detects and blocks malware that can penetrate a company’s electronic systems to steal, alter or destroy data. It can be utilized on a wide range of devices that include laptops, desktops and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and also on connected home appliances like smart TVs and printers.

Modern antivirus products typically employ multiple detection methods to stop a single infection. One of the most popular methods is detection based on signatures. This involves scanning files for matches and maintaining a database that contains distinct code snippets known as malware signatures. However, if attackers alter existing malicious code to avoid recognition by these signatures, it is considered polymorphic and requires advanced detection methodologies.

A more advanced method is heuristic-based detection. It tries to identify malware by recognizing patterns that are specific to malicious code. For instance, changing and deleting large amounts of data, changing settings for other software, or remote connections to computers. Heuristic-based security detection can result in false positives and fatigue.

Choose a strong virus protection program that can deal with polymorphic malware, ransomware memory attacks, and other advanced threats. It should be easy to install on a range of devices including Macs and Windows PCs. It should also operate on various operating systems. It should not utilize excessive system resources since this could cause a device to slow down, or even crash.

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