VDR Functions

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VDR Functions

Virtual Data Rooms are used by law firms, CPAs and accounting firms to collect, organize and manage client paperwork for audit and tax preparation. Mortgage brokers and banks also use vdrs to collect documents for, organization and sharing with clients as well as third parties. Processes in the investment banking industry like IPOs capital raising, IPOs, and M&A can require huge quantities of information sharing that a VDR is well-equipped to handle.

The VDR undergoes a variety of post-translational modifications that regulate its activity. These modifications include the ligand binding domain, activation function 2(AF-2) and the dimerization interface. One of them, phosphorylation occurring in serine at position 51 was demonstrated to play a role in 1,25(OH)2D-dependent transcriptional activation. Mutation of this serine site to glycine eliminated the 1,25(OH)2D-induced phosphorylation, and decreased VDR transcriptional activation in the laboratory. This mutation did not alter PKC b-catalyzed phosphorylation in the HL-60 cells, and did significantly change the AF-2 or Dimerization process when 1,25(OH2)2D or Cytosolic calcium was present.

Unliganded DR has been proven to interact with chromatin and encourage the initiation of cWnt and sonic hedgehog genes in keratinocytes. The loss of VDR in animals leads to hair follicle disorders, including hair loss. Many studies have attempted correlation of specific RFLPs, or single nucleotide differences within or around the VDR genes with clinical symptoms. However, these studies have only provided a sliver of insights into the relationship between the gene expression and clinical disease.

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